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Richmond Institute delivering on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia.

Richmond Institute is the education arm of the Richmond Football Club and are leaders in sports industry education. In 2022, Richmond Institute formed a partnership with Sports Medicine Australia to deliver accredited training to staff and students.

Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) is a peak national multi-disciplinary member organisation that provides leadership in the areas of sports exercise and medicine, sports injury, physical activity, sports exercise and science, and the healthy performance and participation of Australians in physical activity and sport.

SMA plays an active role in educating professionals and community members about safe participation in sport, recreation, and physical activity. At a community level this is achieved through the delivery of the Safer Sport Program which provides parents, officials, coaches, trainers, teachers and participants with essential training and educational resources.

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Sports Medicine Australia Courses

Level 1 Sports Trainer

This course is designed to introduce participants to the basic knowledge and skills required by a Sports Trainer. These skills include managing specific injuries, sports taping and how to transport an injured athlete.

The course covers the following units:

  • Sports Trainer in Action
  • Basic Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  • Preventing Sports Injuries
  • Nutrition and Hydration in Sport
  • Drugs in Sport
  • Management of the Injured Athlete
  • Common Medical Conditions
  • Concussion
  • Sports Taping (ankle, thumb, and finger)
  • Transporting the Injured Athlete
  • Common Sporting Illness and Injuries

Sports Medicine Australia Level 1 Sports Trainer (valid for 3 years)

Blended (online and face-to-face) OR face-to-face

– 2 x 2.5 hour online classrooms and 1 x 4 hour face-to-face classroom; or
– 1 x 8.5 hour face-to-face classroom

All participants must have completed HLTAID003 or HLTAID011 Provide First Aid within the last 3 years, or HLTAID001 or HLTAID009 Provide CPR within the last 12 months. All students are required to complete the online learning before attending

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