We visit schools and expose students to outstanding experiences, outcomes and future pathways.

Connect Your Students With Opportunities to
Be the Next Generation of Sports Industry Leaders

We visit schools and expose students to outstanding experiences, outcomes and future pathways

Richmond Experience Options:

Richmond Experience

We are delighted to extend an invitation to your students, granting them the opportunity to visit the Richmond Football Club. During their visit, they will gain insights into the diverse educational pathways offered by the Richmond Institute within the sports industry. Additionally, students will have the chance to participate in a gym session or witness an exclusive AFL training session

School Presentation

We will give your students insight into sports industry pathways, including the courses and programs available through Richmond Institute. Presentations are suitable for students in Years 10-12 and available face-to-face or online. Presentations can be tailored to suit your needs and delivered at a time that works best for your students.

Career Expo

Richmond Institute staff and students are available to attend your school Career Expo. We can also deliver industry presentations and lead Q&A sessions if desired. Our staff and students are passionate about the programs we have to offer, and will connect with your students, staff and families to discuss pathways into the sports industry.

Contact us to book a Richmond Experience below:

“It was brilliant having Richmond Institute come and speak with our Year 12 students about their pathways into the sports industry. Our students are passionate about sport so this was an excellent insight for them. From this session, five of our students found their pathway and went on to study with Richmond Institute in 2020.”

Health and Physical Education Leader
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An ideal candidate will have a strong passion for sport and a desire for a pathway into the sports industry. The program will embrace a diverse range of individuals including a mix of students from various sports and backgrounds. Students will have completed their secondary education

Step 1: Register your interest details here
Step 2: Richmond Institute staff will conduct phone Interview and reference checks.
Step 3: Successful applicants will receive an email that provides instructions on how to complete your online application.
Step 4: Successful applicants will receive an official letter of offer from the Richmond Institute and will be guided through the Swinburne application.

As limited positions are available for this program, it is unlikely there will be positions available after University placements are offered in January. We therefore recommend that you apply for our program first. If you decide to take up a University offer you will be able to decline your position in our program, with no charge, prior to the course commencing in February.
February – November. The yearly schedule will be similar to a secondary school schedule with end of term holidays provided in April, June, and September.

The weekly schedule will include three days of classes per week and includes a range of sessions, including classroom learning, practical strength and conditioning and sports skills sessions.

Our dedicated Careers & Pathways team are committed to providing real employment and placement opportunities. Students can select from a range of placements with Richmond Football Club, Aligned Leisure and our Sports Industry Network to complete the required 140 hours of industry placement. To see our Sports Industry Network, click here.

Regional students will visit Melbourne on a few occasions to participate in both classroom-based and physical activity sessions delivered by our Melbourne staff.

Students will have the opportunity to connect and network with our Melbourne, Albury/Wodonga and Mildura students and staff through online platforms, on national and international trips and through a variety of placement opportunities.