Hands-On Learning: My Experience at Richmond Institute

The first half of the year at Richmond institute has already formed me with lots of
memories and connections. I chose to enrol at Richmond institute halfway through year
12 after having no idea on what I wanted to do after school. The schooling environment
was not a place for me as we were constantly in a classroom and I am a very hands-on
person, but through my research on Richmond Institute what really got me engaged was the fact we
had time dedicated throughout the day to completed physical activity and this was
something I wanted to do.
What inspired me to join Richmond Institute was the publicity of the course, once I heard about
Richmond institute, I started my research on the course and the things that they
provide, it showed that Richmond Institute is a very hands-on course and class
environment is different to school and normal universities. By looking through the social
media posts of Richmond, speaking with the enrolment staff from Richmond and talking
to past students who have completed the course in the past, really got my heart set on
attending Richmond institute.

My experience at Richmond Institute so far has been one of the best I’ve ever had. The opportunities I’ve encountered and the people I’ve met have been fantastic. Richmond Institute’s approach to learning is amazing, as they make it engaging and enjoyable by bringing in guest speakers and providing interactive lessons.

What I have found most valuable and enjoyable about the course so far has been all the
new people I have been able to meet and the opportunities that have been presented to
us. Being at Richmond institute has really grown my confidence and allowed me to step out of my
comfort zone by putting my hand up to try so many different things. As well as how
much time the Richmond institute staff put into helping the students to grow and delve deeper into
what it’s like to work in and behind the scenes of the sporting industry.
In my future career I feel that Richmond institute will highly benefit me not only from the opportunities
that are presented to us but also the dedication and time that the Richmond institute staff put towards
the students. I feel that this course will benefit my future career due to the knowledge
we receive and the networking we gain throughout the year.
For anyone that may be considering enrolling in the course my advice would be to
submit that enrolment form. Richmond institute is an amazing place, and the course gains you with so
much amazing knowledge. You don’t have to know what you want to do or get out of the
course which is a fabulous aspect and a huge plus. The things you experience and the
people you meet along the way is an experience you will never forget.

This article was written by Tia Charles, a current Diploma of Sport/Diploma of Leadership and Management (SIS50321/BSB50420) student studying in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology and the Richmond Football Club.


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