Hayley’s Richmond Institute Journey

Hayley is another individual excelling in her time at Richmond Institute.

Throughout this AFL season, Hayley has been lucky enough to be completing an internship for not only Richmond’s Commercial Operations team, but their Events team as well.

Hayley helps to assist the running of events, ensuring the night runs as smoothly off the field as it does on it.

Hayley speaks of the privilege to “learn the ins and outs of what goes into successful operations of an elite sporting organisation’s events spaces.”

During any given Richmond event, Hayley will help to organise tables, create gift bags, and set the scene for an enjoyable night for any patron.

Hayley praises the fact that every opportunity within her internships presents a new and exciting experience, however can’t look past the “incredibly moving” ANZAC Eve match against the Demons as a personal highlight.

“Getting to work within one of the biggest football clubs in the country is a highlight in itself!”

Connection is a key theme amongst the Richmond Institute, with Hayley highlighting the placements have “driven me out of my comfort zone professionally, pushing me to create network opportunities and ask as many questions as possible.”

Hayley echoes her sentiment of creating conversations by highlighting the opportunities to “learn from and listen to advice from people in the industry”, fostering a determination within Hayley to extract absolutely everything from her internships.

Richmond Institute provides opportunities like no other, with Hayley encouraging future students to “have fun, do your best, and make the most of any opportunity that comes your way!”

“Say yes to placements, listen and learn from those in the know, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ll be amazed with what you can achieve by just saying yes!”

All in all, Hayley can’t speak more highly of her time so far with the Richmond Institute. Everyone from staff to fellow students are incredibly supportive and have your best interests at heart.

“I’m loving my time at Richmond Institute! It’s something so different, but it’s been nothing short of amazing. I can’t believe we’ve already fit so much into only half a year, and I’m so excited for what’s to come!”

This article was written by Andrew, a current Diploma of Sport/Diploma of Leadership and Management (SIS50321/BSB50420) student studying in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology and the Richmond Football Club.


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