Career Options Available For Diploma In Sports Management And Other Essential Details

A diploma in Sports Management does offer an interesting career path to those who wish to take it. Though not as popular as other majors such as business, marketing, or accountancy, it can be a good stepping stone to a rewarding career in sports (and other industries for that matter). 

This article aims to uncover different facets of Sports Management and the future it bestows upon those who desire to take it. A more in-depth presentation of Sports Management shall awaken inquisitive minds and curious souls to foray into it. That this study is not just about sportscasting or sports hosting. Clearly, that’s just barely scratching the surface. 

Take a deep dive into what Sports Management is all about and discover the horizons it can present. From an outsider looking in, good insight on the study shall impart information necessary to appreciate sports on a whole new level. 

Sports Management 101 

What is Sports Management? 

Sports Management is a business field that mainly focuses on recreation, and of course, sports. It goes deeper as it covers other business facets such as ethics, law, finance, and administration. 

Who is this field for? 

Sports Management is ideal for those who are interested and passionate about the world of sports and recreation. However, don’t be misled. The recreation factor has to be assimilated with sports. Interest in recreation alone without the interjection of sports aspects may entail a different field of study such as tourism.

If one is interested to work with athletes to chronicle their skills, analyze their techniques, study sports trends and statistics, then Sports Management is an inevitable choice. Also, it is recommended for individuals who wish to examine the economic impact of sports and promotion and marketing of sports-related events and activities.

What are different aspects of Sports Management? 

Sports Finance 

As earlier mentioned, the economic implications of sports may be studied in detail through Sports Management. Sports finance, in fact, is considered a billion-dollar industry. Those who signify their interest or at least want to gain a highly founded discernment on sports finance and economics are likely to gravitate towards this field.

International Sports Organization Affiliation 

If one is invested in being part of any international sports organization, taking up Sports Management is essential. One of the areas discussed in Sports Management is international marketing. In international marketing, diplomacy, international ethics, governing rules and regulations, varying financial machinery, and other salient details are discussed. 

Day The Life Of A Sports Management Professional

After taking a diploma course in Sports Management, one may be mesmerized by the possibilities of being surrounded by the blinding lights of a major sports arena. Well, there is a higher chance of that from happening. However, know that it is not at all like this all the time. While a sports management professional is under the lights of the arena, more often than not, he is doing the dirty work behind the scenes. He is too busy to even give chance for the bright arena lights to blind him.

Alright, some may be inspired to foray into Sports Management after watching movies such as Jerry Maguire. There’s absolutely no problem with that. Who won’t want to watch an award-winning movie anyway, right? However, it is best to detach from how a sports management professional is portrayed. Rather, put some serious thought into the day-to-day rigors of life they are subjected to.

After finishing a diploma in Sports Management, a professional is subjected to regular tasks. The scope is varying and to a point, unpredictable. Here are just some of the tasks a sports management professional has to facilitate and administer:

– Business-related matters such as negotiating trades and making deals,

– Administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews and other activities of top-tier athletes (and even the up-and-coming ones),

– Some degree of talent scouting by looking for athletes/players to sign and assist in launching their careers to greater heights,

– Sales and marketing-related tasks such as initiating activities for the company to earn more profit through the following:

·   Advertising of sports products such as apparel, equipment, etc. 

·   Selling of ticket packages 

Companies that hire someone with a diploma in Sports Management 

Sports Teams 

This is most likely where the skills of a sports management professional can flourish. Sports teams can be amateur, collegiate, or even professional. Know that the order is random. Depending on the skills and even academic aptitude, a graduate may even immediately start working for a professional team. However, there is nothing wrong if one sets his sights on extending his services to amateur or collegiate leagues. 

Sports Networks 

For individuals interested in the art of broadcast and sports, various sports networks shall unleash the skills of those who finished a diploma in sports management. Sports networks such as ESPN may constantly be in need of fresh talents eager to bring their skills to the table. Also, even local networks have their own sports segment. Therefore, they would need a sports anchor or sportscaster and those in charge of behind-the-scenes work such as researchers, producers, scriptwriters, analysts, etc.

Fitness Gyms

No other professional is ideal to manage and oversee fitness gyms operations and other aspects of it than a sports management professional. Remember, Sports Management does not only revolve around Sports, per se. Other fitness routines and regimen are also discussed. Some fields even go further and touch on Human Kinesiology. As previously mentioned, Sports Management also encompasses studies on administration and management. Therefore, fitness gyms are venues for all these to materialize.

Sports Management Career Options

Know that an individual with a Sports Management degree is not only confined in the walls of a sports team or sports network. There are other companies and industries that have such a degree that can play a big part in. Here are other career options that Sports Management degree holders can consider. Case in point, there’s a multitude of career options to choose from.

Athletics Administrator 

The administrator in a sports organization is one of the major decision-makers in terms of ordering equipment to even hiring staff. Depending on the company or organization, the job of an athletics administrator may also include overseeing compliance with legal regulations, and other tasks assigned by management.

Athletic Coach, etc. 

Depending on scholastic and academic aptitude, one can be hired as an athletic coach for even a little league. Many professionals start from this designation and eventually rise to the top after proving expertise, coaching techniques, and (of course) testimonies from mentees. In time, the individual can be tasked with a bigger coaching role or even become an athletics director.

Fitness Manager 

If one has a penchant for helping everyone to live a healthy and active lifestyle through working out at the gym, a diploma in Sports Management can also be beneficial. Since Sports Management covers several layers of the field, it comes as no surprise that even fitness gyms and other sports facilities require an expert to manage their day-to-day operations. Because of a sports management professional’s knowledge, he can manage/oversee operations while building bespoke workout programs for those who want to be fit.

Facility Operations Manager 

Similar to a fitness manager, the Facility Operations Manager may be tasked to oversee the entire operations of a fitness gym or sporting complex/facility. However, the Operations Manager may be entirely tasked to deal with operations and administrative functions without much exposure to creating fitness programs. The Operations Manager is accountable for the general upkeep of the equipment and other fixtures of the sports facility.

Event Coordinator 

Who said events only revolve around weddings and anniversaries? Sporting events are as big as other occasions, too. Therefore, a sporting event coordinator must not only know the tricks and trade of the events industry, but also the ins and outs of sporting events in general. Unfortunately, an events practitioner who is not so familiar with Sports Management may not fare well compared to someone who has a degree.

In conclusion 

Just like any field, Sports Management comes with its fair share of challenges. It does not guarantee a smooth ride throughout the entire journey. It requires a great deal of patience as it studies more than just sports but other facets revolving around it. It’s not just purely physical but equally cerebral. However, to someone who is passionate, finishing a diploma in Sports Management is one of the most rewarding feelings one can ever feel.


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