Here Are Interesting Jobs In Sports Industry That You Can Consider

Different jobs in the sports industry are promising to say the least. However, one has to be passionate about sports and everything that revolves around them. Hence, a significant amount of time is required to study the ropes. With top-notch education, it becomes clear that getting into the sports industry is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of passion, grit, perseverance, and hard work. 

Getting into the sports industry becomes alluring because of its glitz, recognition, and professional affiliations which come as unique perks. However, it’s superficial and barely scratches the surface. Behind the fame (even fortune) lies sweat (literally) and tears. Dealing with these factors makes the sports industry one bumpy but incredible and rewarding ride.

Why get jobs in the sports industry?

Like all jobs, those that belong under the sports industry have their fair share of ups and downs. Though at times challenging, it can be fairly rewarding. There are a lot of good reasons to establish a career in the sports industry. Here are some of them:

A wealth of career opportunities 

Many people are mostly aware of the sports agents. That comes as no surprise as these professionals are always on the side of famous sports personalities. They also get to be interviewed left and right. Some of them also promote and represent various athletes. Well, not to mention a host of movies with sports agents as the focal point of the story. Jerry Maguire, anyone?

However, there is more that goes beyond the glamour of Hollywood. Graduates of sports management have a host of opportunities in sports organizations, non-profit, and privately-owned companies. They are presented with roles such as the following:

– Handling marketing initiatives for various professional sports organizations, 

– Social media practices of athletes as means of engagement and even endorsement,

– Hosting of successful sporting events,

– Extensive sporting events coverage,

– And many more depending on the demand of the industry.

Even better, the sports industry also offers internships. Fresh graduates can experience different facets of the industry enough to decide which one is best suited for them. Internships give everyone a fair chance of honing skills as preparation for the career path they wish to take in the sports industry.

Community impact 

Athletes and influential sports personalities are big on helping the community. They are most of the time committed to giving back through various causes. However, they can’t do everything on their own. Reaching out to various organizations and institutions requires the help of sports managers. 

Sports managers are mostly products of sports management courses. These sports managers assist their clients with the following:

– Identify the needs of organizations (whether in cash or kind),

– Coordination for community appearances,

– Formulation of various social responsibility initiatives such as fundraising, auctions, a telethon for pledges, shooting and production of Public Service Announcements, charity games, etc.

High-profile affiliations 

Jobs in the sports industry opens opportunities for professional and even personal affiliations with athletes and other top sports personalities. Not only do people enjoy the distinction of knowing such heavy-hitters, but they also get easily referred to. 

The sports industry is relatively a small community. Therefore, the word easily gets around. When professionalism and respect are observed at all times, it is easier to get referred to other bigger opportunities. Other values such as respect, efficiency, tolerance, endurance, and dedication are highly favored too.

Most promising jobs in the sports industry 

Choosing the best career to foray into can be a little polarizing. While some are fully decided to get jobs in the sports industry, others are quite confused or left in the dark. Those who can’t decide are worried about the opportunities waiting for them. Fortunately, there are a lot of jobs in the sports industry that promise challenge, stability, exposure, and growth.

Here are some of the career opportunities in the sports industry to explore:

Exercise Physiologist 

An exercise physiologist is becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in the sports industry. Exercise physiologists are responsible for the study of the body’s reactions to various exercise routines. They analyze how the body copes with various routines to identify the best for their fitness level and overall fitness goal, especially for competitive athletes.

These professionals also work with disabled patients and other chronic conditions. As such, exercise physiologists help to develop different programs to aid the patients’ rehabilitation process. The patients’ cardiovascular function, for one, remains one of the exercise physiologist’s priorities.

Athletic Trainer 

Being an athletic trainer is another sought-after opportunity in the sports industry. Athletic trainers treat and design programs to avoid/prevent sports-related injuries during training sessions and actual games. They also serve as the first responders should there be any injuries or accidents on the playing field. 

Athletic trainers also perform duties/roles such as the following:

– Be present in all or most games and training/practice sessions

– Provide athletes with continuous education on injury prevention

– Assist injured athletes with various rehabilitation exercises

– Closely monitor the progress rate of athletes with injuries

– Keep and maintain athlete’s medical records for documentation and monitoring purposes

– Responsible for the upkeep of the training rooms and other training facilities 

– Schedule/supervise periodic and regular physical exams/assessments

Physical Education Teacher 

For many, PE is their favorite subject. Not only do they get to play and be active but their teachers also molded them to be competitive yet responsible individuals. PE teachers are not only responsible for the student’s involvement in physical activities. They also provide education on proper nutrition and the importance of a well-balanced diet. 

While teaching sports and other physical activities, they also instill the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. Students then imbibe these values even into adulthood. These traits become central to their character because of early exposure, thanks to PE Teachers. 

Physical Education Teachers are also considered stalwarts of mental and psychosocial health and development of students. All these factors contribute to producing healthier students- both physically and mentally. 

Athletic Director 

Athletic Directors are mainly responsible for the following:

– Overseeing the athletic departments of middle schools, high schools, and colleges,

– These professionals are also responsible for other organizations with sports programs in place,

– Hire the right coaches and other staff under the athletics department,

– Spearhead and oversee the athletic program’s public relations and marketing, 

– Effectively and efficiently schedule games,

– Coordination of team travels for tournaments, invitational games, etc.,

– Overall management of revenue and expenses including fundraising activities,

– Ensure that all sports programs are conducted and executed in the safest means and environment.

With the above mentioned roles, an Athletic Director requires a strong sense of character and leadership. Clearly, this professional is required to lead sports professionals and lodge programs to benefit the entire organization. It may not be an easy task. However, someone who desires to be in charge but with a heart to serve shall do good in performing an Athletic Director role. It is one of the jobs in the sports industry that requires critical thinking and strong guts.


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