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Leading Learners at the Richmond Institute:

We want to acknowledge those students that are a part of the Richmond Institute and Richmond Football Club culture that are walking the talk of our values;  Inspiring, Connected, Unique & Inclusive. We want to highlight exclusive insight as to what a student is experiencing and the ins and outs of the Richmond Institute.

Diploma of Sport (Sport Development) / Diploma of Leadership and Management SIS50319/BSB51918 Student

Meet Max: Connected

Victorian’s strict COVID-19 restrictions have had a silver lining for Richmond Institute student, Max Pinchbeck, who has secured a rare industry placement opportunity at Westbourne Grammar School.

Max, who is aspiring to continue further study in Physical Education next year, was offered a role at the school on the back of outstanding performances in various simulated internships.

He provides us with exclusive insight into his year as a 2020 Richmond Institute student below:

What attracted you to the Richmond Institute course?

Aside from being a huge sports lover (and a massive Tiger Fan), I wanted to learn how a professional sporting club operates. It made perfect sense to align my interest in sport and a potential future career.

Tell us how you are managing the course’s transition to online face-to-face delivery?

To be honest, I am struggling a tad, because I am not the greatest online learner! I much prefer to be learning through being active.

Online learning will continue to be used post COVID-19,  so it has become a new learning tool for me. During the online learning, I have been able to go down to the local footy oval and work on my footy skills. I am also thinking of starting a new hobby, I just don’t know what it is yet.

With practical industry placement being unavailable now, how are you gaining industry exposure?

I have been able to participate in simulated placements (e.g. PE Teaching, Coaching, Recruit Management and Sports Operations), these have expanded my knowledge and helped shape my pathway. I was also nominated for a placement at Westbourne Grammar where I have gained teaching exposure with Year 9 students.

What does your current placement at Westbourne Grammar involve? 

Throughout the Westbourne Grammar placement, I have been hosting PE classes about muscular endurance and have demonstrated the related exercises to the students. Before each class, I plan what exercises we will be covering and what the benefit is. Students send in their workout programs and I provide feedback, we also participate in a Q&A session following each workout. My goal is to make it fun and push the students at the same time.

What are some of the key learnings you have experienced in your placement?

Using the digital platform as a teaching method was daunting at first but I have now gained the confidence to engage the students in this manner. I also learned I can answer some left of field questions on the spot.

What is it about this placement that you are thoroughly enjoying?

Showing the students different exercises that they can perform in their everyday life is lots of fun and very rewarding.

Does the placement at Westbourne Gramma support your career aspirations?

Yes, very much so! It has reinforced my ambition to become a PE Teacher. It has been a real privilege working with the students.


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